Marathon Software - Management & Registration

A Race Director's Guide to Planning a Marathon

Are you a passionate race director trying to take your marathon to the next level? Execute a flawless event with the help of ACTIVE Network's endurance race management and registration software. From budgeting basics to securing the right permits, ACTIVE provides step-by-step support for organizing a marathon.

You'll get experienced guidance for the entire event management process, from pre-race preparations to race day and post-race assessment. By using ACTIVE's endurance race management and registration software, you can increase your registration numbers and revenue goals. Get the right guidance on important race details such as:

  • Finding the right volunteers
  • Budgeting for equipment such as timers, bibs, water bottles, t-shirts, medals, etc.
  • Parking and other race day set up logistics
  • Effective fundraising
  • Planning for future events

ACTIVE has worked with hundreds of race directors over 15 years to create customized tools for planning a perfect marathon. Plan, execute, and grow your race event by using the most effective marathon race management and registration software in the business.

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