5K Software - Management & Registration

The Complete Checklist for Planning a 5K Race

Putting on a 5K can be a fun, rewarding experience but it's also a great deal of work. The right 5K software can help you plan, execute, and grow your race. From securing the right permits to creating a smooth participant sign-up process, ACTIVE Network's race management and registration software handles all the details of your event lifecycle, so you can focus on creating a successful event.

You'll get experienced guidance for the entire event management process, from pre-race preparations to race day and post-race assessment. ACTIVE's endurance race management and registration software helps you:

  • Recruit and manage volunteer staff
  • Use marketing and communication tools (such as social media)
  • Partner with the right sponsors
  • Fundraise effectively
  • Manage race day gear like bibs and t-shirts
  • Process payments
  • Figure out what you need to plan future events

Make event management easier on yourself and give your runners a fun, rewarding and unique experience. ACTIVE has worked with seasoned race directors for over 15 years to create custom tools for planning a perfect 5K event. Grow your race event by using the most effective 5K race management and registration software in the business.

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